Stunning Great Dane Looks Like A Canine Version Of Batman

While Great Danes are a fascinating breed of dogs, to begin with, this one is even more interesting. Enzo the Great Dane has pointy ears, a deep black coat, and a muscular body that give him the looks of a canine version of batman!

Enzo lives with his parents in Quebec, Canada. Just like with his superhero counterpart, a single look at Enzo in a dark alley is enough to send any criminal running back to where they came from.

While Great Danes are usually timid creatures, Enzo is quite the opposite. If someone gets too close to his parent’s house, Enzo would gladly bark at them to scare them away.

With that being said, he can also be the sweetest pooch. According to his owners, he is very sociable and loves making new friends, both human and four-legged.

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