Great Dane Freaks Out When He Finds His Dad Sleeping In His Bed

The world isn’t a fair place. While we humans have a million different responsibilities, dogs get to lay around all day and catch a snooze whenever they feel like it. Lately though, as a result of the lockdown, people finally get to live the lives of their pets. Not all animals are ready to share their alone-time with their owners. Henry, the Great Dane in this story, took his discontent to a whole new level and absolutely freaks after finding his dad sleeping in his bed.

Henry’s dad was getting sleepy after a long morning of countless house chores, so he laid down in his doggo’s bed to catch a nice long siesta. Henry the Great Dane, on the other hand, wasn’t accepting his owner’s behavior and had no intention of sharing his favorite spot. The video below shows how the Great Dane absolutely freaks out when he finds the man sleeping in his bed. He didn’t shy away from expressing his dissatisfaction in every way known to him. The doggo barked, pawed, pushed, and then barked some more, but the man stayed put, indifferent to his dog’s protests.

After a few minutes of wrangling, the man finally freed the bed and allowed the pooch to catch his much-awaited nap.

Watch the hilarious moment here:

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