Great Dane Can’t Figure Out How To Act Around These Tiny, Fluffy Things


It is always interesting to see what happens when two different creatures interact, but it’s even more curious to witness huge creatures engage with tiny ones.

This Great Dane does not know how to react around these two tiny kittens.

Have you ever held a newborn or a tiny creature and didn’t know how to act? Well, imagine a Great Dane dealing with two adorable kittens trying to start a fight.

It’s a story about a Great Dane, chilling on a fluffy shag carpet ‘till these two playful kittens decide to play with his huge tale (which is much larger than them).

His reaction is hilarious, he doesn’t know how to hold his body around them, so he decides to stand up, but he is still confused about what he should do. The cute pair didn’t get the message, and they won’t give up ‘till he plays along.

What happens next is that the two babies jump on his huge paws exploring his nails and he feels extremely uncomfortable.

Finally, the two naughty kittens got tired and went to get some rest.  

Scroll down to watch the hilarious video of the adorable trio

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