Grateful Rescue Kitty Brings Her Mamma’s Slippers To Bed Every Morning

Lulu is an adorable tabby fluffball that will forever remember and cherish what her mother did for her. Lulu started her life as a helpless stray, who roamed the cold streets in desperate search of a warm place to call home. Then, two years ago, Lulu was picked up from a rescue shelter by her mother, and ever since her life changed completely.

Lulu followed her new mamma around the house for months, looking for a way to express her sincere gratitude. It took her a few months, but she finally found it.

The observant kitty noticed that her human mother has a peculiar custom – wearing slippers when she gets out of bed in the mornings, so she decided to help, and thus began their adorable morning ritual. The kitty collects the slippers from wherever her mamma left them the night before and brings them to her bed every morning. As she can only carry one drool-covered slipper at a time, it takes the feline two trips to help her mamma start her day off on the right foot.

Watch Lulu fetching her mother’s slippers here:

And here comes the other one:

It’s impossible to read Lulu’s mind, but there’s only one way to interpret her daily gesture – a sincere and honest act of gratitude for all that her mother had done for her.

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