Grateful Rescue Dog Can’t Stop Hugging And Kissing His Human Rescuer

When you rescue a dog from a shelter, you earn a life-long loyal friend that will forever cherish what you’ve done for him. Just ask Kayla Filoon, a student that volunteers at a local Pennsylvania animal shelter. On one of her many days volunteering at the shelter, Kayla met Russ, a Pitbull that was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia. He looked badly neglected missed all the hair from his tail and ears.

Kayla Immediately fell for the pooch’s puppy eyes, as he stared at her from his kennel. She decided she’ll take him home with her, right on the spot. On the drive home, the doggo couldn’t contain his happiness and licked Kayla’s face in gratitude.

Even though Russ’s days at the shelter are long gone, to this day, the pooch still doesn’t miss a chance to express his appreciation for the woman that rescued him and gave him love, warmth, and a home.

Watch the video describing Kayla and Russ’ adorable bond here:

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