Grateful Dog Gives His Rescuer The Sweetest Look

It seems that stray animals always find their way to Calvin Tucker. Ever since his very first rescue in 2017, the Alabama man helped countless four-footers get off the streets and find their loving homes. Each of his rescues is as unique as the other, and the animals he saves know that the kind man turned their lives around. If you need any proof of that, take this dog, who gives the kind rescuer the sweetest look after he got him off the streets.

Calvin Tucker

To Tucker, saving feral animals is almost like a sixth sense. He was driving home from work one Friday afternoon when he got a funny feeling. It was like a voice that told him to get off the freeway, six exits before the exit he usually takes. The man got off the freeway when it all became clear.

The Dog Gives His Rescuer A Sweet Look
Calvin Tucker

Almost immediately, Tucker spotted a terrified bald pooch stranded in the middle of the road. Cars were honking at him and he froze in his place. Who knows how long the poor thing sat there helplessly. Tucker immediately stopped and pulled the pooch off to the side of the road. Next, he ran to his car, and pulled out a can of dog food, to win the doggo’s trust. The man spent the next 20 minutes sitting with the doggo and slowly gaining his trust. The doggo’s condition was heart-wrenching. Nearly 98 percent of his fur was missing, presumably from mange. Without the fur, all the man saw was all the dog’s wrinkles, so he named him accordingly – Wrinkles. Tucker dropped the pooch off at his friends’ house, who were willing to foster him for the night.

The Dog Gives His Rescuer A Look Full Of Gratitude
Calvin Tucker

The following day, Tucker picked Wrinkles up and took him to the vet. Upon his inspection, the vet found the doggo suffered from severe mange, a high fever, and worms. Despite everything though, the pooch knew that things could only improve for him, from that point forward. The two waited to get their medicine when the most amazing thing happened. Even the vet was completely shocked when he saw how the grateful dog gives his rescuer the sweetest and most adoring look. Wrinkles knew that for the first time in his life, a human being saw him for what he truly was.

Calvin Tucker

After spending the weekend at the clinic, Wrinkles went to a foster home. His foster parents had many foster dogs before, yet they insisted that to this day, Wrinkles is the best foster dog they’ve ever had. He was friendly to their other dogs and never misbehaved. After six months with his foster hoomans, Wrinkle’s fur grew back. A radiant deep black coat now covered his wrinkles. He recovered, both mentally and physically, and was ready to begin a new chapter in life.

Calvin Tucker

Tucker, who kept visiting the doggo in his foster home, got in touch with his friends at The Two By Two Animal Rescue, who said they would help Wrinkles find a forever home. It wasn’t long before the charming doggo found his new parents. Tucker said that it was love at first sight for both sides. 

Calvin Tucker

Tucker can finally have the life he deserves, in a loving and caring environment. All thanks to one man, who took a detour on the way back home.

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