Silverback Gorilla Finds An Adorable Tiny New Friend

If you’ve had any doubt that true love knows no boundaries keep on reading. Caretakers at Ape Action Africa were stunned when they’ve discovered how Bobo, a dominant silverback gorilla, finds a new tiny friend and becomes his BFF.

The huge gorilla is one of 300 other apes that call Ape Action Africa‘s Mefou Primate Sanctuary their home. Most of the sanctuary’s apes will sadly remain there to protect them from deforestation and poaching. Bobo first arrived at the sanctuary in 1994, when he was an adorable 2-year-old baby after his mother was violently killed by vicious poachers. Now, 26 later, the huge silverback ape is the leader of his group, at the sanctuary in Cameroon. Despite his intimidating appearance, the staff at the sanctuary know that deep inside Bobo is nothing more than a gentle giant.

One morning, during a routine checkup on all the apes, caretakers were surprised to discover how the silverback gorilla finds a new tiny friend – an adorable bushbaby. “Our silverback gorilla Bobo made a surprising new friend this week — a wild bush baby!”, they later wrote on Facebook. Bobo cuddled the tiny critter, who didn’t appear to be even slightly frightened of him. The bushbaby jumped around the gorilla and climbed him, almost as if he was begging for Bobo’s attention.

Other gorillas in Bobo’s group were curious about the little critter. Bobo did allow them to come close to get a better look but drew the line at touching the tiny bushbaby. With the help of his favorite female Avishag, who helped keep the other’s away, the silverback and the bushbaby enjoyed one very adorable playing session.

When they decided they’ve had enough, Bobo knew exactly where to release the bushbaby. “Bobo walked purposefully off on two legs to deliver his friend safely back into the trees,” they wrote on Facebook.

Watch the heartwarming moment the silverback gorilla finds a tiny new friend here:

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