Gorilla Cradles Her Newborn Baby After Losing Her First Baby At Birth

These precious pictures of Kala, the gorilla who cradles her newborn baby, are even more moving than they seem. The 9-year-old gorilla lost her first-born at birth, a fact that gives these pics a new and very emotional angle.

Bristol Zoo’s photographer managed to capture the special bond the mother gorilla has with her newborn baby in these stunning photos. Kala, the lowland gorilla, gave birth to her second child at night with his father and the rest of the family closeby. When the zookeepers arrived, she was already holding the baby in her arms.

 Lynsey Bugg, the Head Curator of Mammals at the Bristol Zoo, told The Daily Mail: ‘We are all thrilled. There is something very special about seeing a newborn baby gorilla, they are such an iconic and charismatic species.’ 

The fact that her latest child was delivered naturally is anything but trivial to Kala. Her first child had to be delivered via cesarean section as a result of a low-lying placenta that blocked her birth canal. After Kala’s first birth, zookeepers and vets closed the gorilla house to give the two time to bond and recover from the birth, but the baby sadly died just a few days later. Happily, it seems that this time the newborn is doing much much better.

Bristol Zoo is home to a troop of six lowland gorillas as part of efforts to help conserve the critically endangered species. Originating in Cameroon, western lowland gorillas are still being hunted for meat in west Central Africa.

We wish these two the best of luck and hope to see many more adorable pictures of them together.

Share these adorable and heartwarming pictures of the gorilla who cradles her newborn baby with your friends and family to show them what majestic and incredible creatures they are!

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