Golden Retriever Therapy Dogs Fall In Love At Work And Get Married

Meet Peaches and Duke, two adorable therapy dogs at Methodist Mansfield’s Physical Medicine Department that have captured the world’s heart. The four-legged duo got married at a canine wedding last Friday, and the photos are incredibly stunning.


The two friendly golden retrievers are seen cuddling and being affectionate to each other often. So their owners decided to through them an adorable wedding. The endearing pups are owned by Abby Wilson of Mansfield and Terri Lee of Arlington.


It all started when they shared their puppuccino from the hospital’s Starbuck’s. No one really knows which of the dogs is the suiter and who asked the desirable question, but it doesn’t really matter because they both are obsessed with each other.

Tom Riehm – CBS 11

The undivided pair joins the staff at the hospital on Fridays to make patients happy and bring some relief into their lives. 

Science confirms that petting a dog can lower heart rates and blood pressure. The dogs allow patients who undergo physical medicine pet them, and by that, help them lowering stress levels and focusing on their rehabilitation.


Moreover, dog presence makes people calm down and relaxed, so everybody at the hospital benefits from their work.

Before Caesar Rentie, Methodist’s Health System’s Vice President of Pastoral Services orchestrated the adorable ceremony, the guests enjoyed a canine wedding reception that included a doggie wedding cake.

Tom Riehm – CBS 11

The inseparable pups do an incredible job bringing joy into patients’ lives, comforting them, and making the time at the hospital less frustrating.

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