Golden Retriever Saves Koala’s Life In Australia

Asha is a brilliant five-year-old Golden Retriever who lives in Victoria, Australia with her beloved mom, Kerry McKinnon and her father.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

One morning McKinnon’s husband called her and as she walked outside Asha was cuddling with an unlikely creature, a baby koala!

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

When Mckinnon rushed outside to see what was going on, Asha was sure that she had done something wrong; she had the most adorable look.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

Mckinnon believes that the little koala lost his mother during the night and found a warm place to spend the night; Asha’s warm fur. 
Since dogs have protective instincts, they can tell when a youngster is in need, and so the loving pooch was there to keep the baby koala warm in a 5C-degrees night!


Youngsters who wander during the night with no adults around are easy targets for predators. Not only that Asha kept the koala warm, but she also made sure no one would hurt him.
The compassionate dog has been hailed a hero after saving the abandoned koala.
It wasn’t easy to remove the baby koala from the loving dog’s body, he held her really tight as he felt safe snuggling with her.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

The vets confirmed that the koala was healthy and they took her to a koala mother that would nurture him till he’s ready to go back to the wild.

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