Golden Retriever Pup Was Born Green Just Before Halloween

When a dog owner from Wermelskirchen, Germany, saw the litter of her Golden Retriever for the first time, she was surprised by the way one of them looked. 

While Joanna Justice expected to see gold in her eyes when her dog welcomed her pups into the world, she noticed a greenish puppy looking different from the rest.

The unique youngster was born last week as if he matched his coat for Halloween. Although the special mint green color is pretty unique, she was concerned about the color.

Justice hoped it didn’t indicate a bad health condition. But it didn’t take long until she learned that he was completely healthy and decided to name him after his coat and called it “Mojito”. 

A vet in Düsseldorf, Christian Dimitriadis, said that the fur would turn into its natural shade after the green color will fade. In fact, the unlikely color isn’t so rare as we might think. Recently a Great Dane pup was born green too.

Moreover, according to CNN, another litter of Golden Retrievers was welcomed into the world with one green puppy in Scotland as well.

The special coloration is caused by exposure to the bile pigment biliverdin; greenish color found in bruises, the placenta of canines, bile and has also been found in the shells of six-million-year-old dinosaur eggs.

There are various animal babies with unlikely coloring; from orange monkeys to orca claves with a peachy-orange coloring, nature never stops surprising us.

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