Golden Retriever Is Excited to Have a New Puppy In His Life

Meet Pork, the cutest and happiest Golden. Although he spends his life happily with his beloved owners something was always missing in his life – companionship. 

Pork always yearned to play and spend time with more dogs. He dreamed of: running around and having fun together with a four-legged pal. Thankfully, Pork’s owners noticed the crave and decided to grant sweet Pork’s wish by adding a canine companion to the family, Teddy Sugar.

Little Teddy Sugar is indeed the cutest addition to Pork’s family. The first time they met was epic! Luckily the owners captured the endearing moment on camera.

You can see in the video, Pork taking the first step in their friendship. He starts by sniffing out his new sister and getting to know her scent, while Teddy Sugar wiggles her tail excitingly.

Soon enough, Teddy Sugar starts to smell Pork as well. Even though Pork is a full-grown Golden, Teddy Sugar isn’t afraid or anxious by him at all. She is eager to know her brand new family.

The pair starts playing together in no time as if they’ve already known each other their whole lives. Pork is super excited, finally getting the new sister he always longed for made him just the happiest! Teddy Sugar shares Pork’s excitement, and plays along with him. She climbs all over him, licking and nibbling in fun play.

After all this excitement, the two loving siblings feel like it’s time for bed. They go to sleep, relaxed by each other’s side and share a nice long nap.

Pork couldn’t be happier! Teddy Sugar seems to love her new home and family. This is definitely the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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