Golden Retriever Couple Watches Over Their Adorable Newborn Pups

Dogs are known as animals who take incredible care of their youngsters. The next video has spread like wildfire and caught international attention on social media.


A couple of Golden Retrievers were captured, raising their offsprings and tugged at people’s heartstrings. The canine companions seem to love being parents; they treat their puppies patiently and delicately.


While they have many pups to take care of, they seem problem-free as they relax next to their litter. It might be that they feel relieved after passing the pregnancy period, but they will probably soon figure that they have a lot on the plate.


Raising seven pups can be challenging at times. It requires parenting skills to know how to put their ducks in a row, being alert, and nurses around the clock.

The pups are growing in size and personality, and soon they will become independent enough to find a family of their own. Their dedicated parents work hard to make sure they are safe and sound. When they finally take a few minutes off, they rest their heads on one another to take a nap, which they certainly deserve!

It shows in the video that they go above and beyond to do their best, and it seems like they do a great job. When they find a brief moment to take a break, they love watching their children play and sleep.


Although being parents of seven can be quite overwhelming, they have created a unique bond with all of them. The siblings adore each and do everything together; from napping to running around, they don’t let each other out of eyeshot.

This video has become a social media sensation for all the right reasons! Happily, the pups are healthy, happy, and enjoy their bountiful life.

Just take a look at this adorable four-legged couple:

  1. Zarina dalima mumtaz beggham

    Cutest animals I the world it means in the entirety world I am muslims I didn’t follow any rules in it but I have my own dog at my house

  2. Poornima Jairaj

    I need one pup to adopt….So can you give me one pup….Im from India

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