Golden Patiently Wears Breathing Mask After Being Diagnosed With Kennel Cough

As dog owners, watching our furbabies grow old and get sick, is nothing short of a heart-wrenching experience. When this usually upbeat and lively pooch, was diagnosed with a severe case of kennel cough, his owners were naturally very concerned. In a video that since gone viral, the Golden, named Fred, is seen fully cooperating with his owners, and even patiently wears a breathing mask when his mamma orders him.

After a trip to the vet following Fred’s worsening cough, the vet diagnosed the pooch with a severe case of kennel cough. Fred was struggling to breathe, so the vet directed his owners to hook him up to a respirator. Knowing their dog’s mischievous nature, the couple were worried that their energetic dog wouldn’t just sit still while they hook him up to a noisy respirator. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Much to his parent’s surprise, the usually lively pooch sat still and obeyed his mamma’s orders. They believe that the sweet Golden somehow understood that it was for his own good. According to the vet, Fred would need to continue to use the respirator for a couple more weeks and before he fully recovers.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything will go according to plan buddy, get well soon!

Don’t miss the video showing how the well-behaved Golden wears his breathing mask patiently:

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