Golden Delivers Groceries To Neighbor In High-Risk Group for Coronavirus

It’s incredible to see how, in spite of all the difficulties and uncertainty, communities still find ways of coming together and helping those in need. And you know us, we’re not just talking about people.

Sundance, a golden retriever from Colorado, has been helping his life-long neighbor Renee hellman, getting her groceries. Renee was ordered by her doctor to stay at home in quarantine, due to the fact that she’s suffering from COPD, and other medical complications that put her at a high risk of getting infected with Coronavirus. Luckily her faithful neighbor, and Sundance’s owner, Karen Evelth, stepped in with an ingenious solution for helping her neighbor of 10-years.

Since dogs can’t get infected with COVID-19, Karen trained her dog Sundance (or simply Sunny), to fetch her neighbor’s shopping list each morning, and return with a bag full of groceries every evening. Sunny seems to enjoy his new job according to Renee’s interview with Chicago’s WGN9 News: “He just did it, it was, all of a sudden, and he was here, and that’s my job, and I’m gonna do it – so it was wonderful.” Karen is also thankful for having her dog around. 

The doggo has been delivering Renee’s supplies for a few weeks now, and according to Karen, will continue for as long as it’s needed.

Karen and Renee concluded their interview with a strong and very true statement – “it’s not only humans who can help during this tragic time of need, maybe your pets can too,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Watch KKTV 11 News report on the diligent delivery doggo here:

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