Going Viral! This Adorable Kitten Sleeps Like A Dead Person

When it comes to sleeping, there’s no argument that cats do it best. But this little cat makes people laugh out loud for it seems like he had a rough day going on.

Lately, we’ve seen animals sleep like humans who had a terrible day at work, but this cat took it to a whole new level!

Cats usually curl up when they go to sleep but this ginger feline from Japan, Chata, does things in his way. No one will tell him how to take his nap.

Chata is a two-month-old baby feline that goes to sleep like Snow White. It seems like he has been waiting for his prince charming to arrive. The adorable kitten has gotten extremely famous for his hilarious sleeping position.

He doesn’t even know that while he does the simple act of sleeping, he gives the whole world a huge dose of kitten humor. 

His cute chubby belly and pinky paws are just too much cuteness to handle. On top of that, he has the most angelic smile on his face, as if he has been waiting for this moment for a week!

To all of those who are worried about why he sleeps like that, don’t stress! He just enjoys laying on his back and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he’s just another playful kitten.

People all over the world can’t get enough of this little one. He got so viral that he has drawn over 74K followers! This bustard cat got so famous!

The little feline has an adorable big cat sibling named Chava, they live a perfect life together and enjoy taking a nap whenever it’s possible.

Take our word on that when we told you that their Instagram account is a MUST-FOLLOW!

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