The Psychology Behind Why Your Dog Loves To Play Fetch

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog balls, a stick, or a bone that does it for your dog – fetch has to be one of the easiest games for a dog to pick up, even very early own in its furry life.

Experts believe that humans and dogs started playing fetch more than 15,000 years ago, making it possibly the oldest game in the world. But what makes fetch so appealing for a modern dog like yours? Keep on reading to find out.

Selective Breeding 

While it’s a game that’s enjoyed by almost any dog, some breeds can actually fetch a lot better than others. The reason for that doesn’t just come down to being faster runners.

As their names often suggest, some breeds, like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, and more, were historically bred to catch food. Dogs that were better at catching food had a better chance of passing their genes to the next generations. Playing fetch often has a lot to do with your dog’s ancient urge to hunt and bring food back to you.

Killer Instincts

Your pooch may look very cute now, but he, or she, is still a distant relative of wild wolves. Being social animals, wolves are known to show off their freshly-hunted pray by carrying it in their mouths back to their families. Your dog’s instinct to carry dog balls in their mouths after they fetch them may have a lot to do with its ancient relative’s instinct to get credit for catching dinner.

Who Doesn’t Like Attention?

Your dog may be in love with the new dog balls you bought him, but give yourself some credit too. We have no doubt that the thing your furry friend loves to do most, is to spend some quality time with you. Playing fetch is sometimes simply your dog’s excuse to spend time with you!

It also gives your doggo the chance to boast about how fast he can catch food (or balls) for you, resulting in the stimulation of the reward regions of its brain.

It All Comes Down To Chemistry

Or hormones, to be exact. Just like with humans, the brains of dogs secrete feel-good hormones and hormones that reduce the levels of anxiety and stress after getting exercise, AKA ‘runner’s high’. Some dogs like to fetch balls, for the same reasons some people like to play soccer or basketball – it simply makes them feel good.


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