5-Year-Old Girl Sneaks A Baby Cow Into The House For A Cuddle Session

Baby animals and baby humans, seem to get along like strawberries and cream. Breanna, a 5-year-old girl, and her pet cow are no different. The adorable 5-year-old girl was captured on camera as she sneaks a baby cow into the house for a peaceful cuddle session.

The girl’s mother, Billie Jo Decker, was shocked when she came home from work to find her daughter cuddling with her pet cow, Izzy. Though stunned, the woman asked her daughter to come clean and portray the exact chain of events that led the cow to nap on her living room’s floor.

Breanna creatively tries to defend herself and makes up adorable excuses. The 5-year-old tells her mother that someone left the door open, and cheeky Izzy saw the opportunity and invited herself inside. She then goes on and tells her mom that the cow even pooped on the floor, but she cleaned it all on her own. Sure. Right.

Her mother, who didn’t buy any of that, confronts her daughter with what she thinks really happened. “You’re telling a fib,’ the woman said, right before adorable Breanna gives up and cuddles with the precious bovine. If the little girl only knew that all she had to do for her mother to leave her alone, was to cuddle with the adorable calf, it could have saved her a lot of lying.

Watch the precious moment the girl sneaks the baby cow and enjoys an adorable cuddle session with her, in the video below:

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