Girl Rescues Dying Dog And Gives Him The Best Last Day

Even on the verge of death, the most important thing to our animals is to feel loved, and no one knows it better than Sophiane Nacer. Against all logic, the young girl in this story rescues a dying dog and gives him the best last day possible.

The dog, named Hippo, spent a life on the streets until he was captured and brought to the Adams County Animal Shelter, where the vets concluded he was “in failing health with multiple tumors,” as the shelter’s spokesperson, Jim Siedlecki, later told TODAY. The Colorado state law dictates that dogs have to be kept at the shelter for five days before being adopted. Despite Hippo’s dire condition, Nacer was the first (and only) in line to adopt him. “Even if it was just for a day,” she vowed.

The compassionate girl brought the pooch back home with her. It seemed as if his condition was worsening by the minute. By the time the two got home, the girl could barely even touch the dog. He was in so much pain that he hardly reacted. “We were kind of unsure if he was going to be receptive to anything,” she later recalled.

It only took one tail wag to prove her wrong. It was almost as if Hippo was trying to tell her that he’ll fight until his very last moment. He was feeling loved for the first time, and he wasn’t going to give it up without a fight. Nacer bought Hippo a Puppuccino, Starbucks’ secret off-menu dog treat, and he licked every last drop of it. The following day, Hippo seemed cheerful, so the girl took him to the park. He cherished every second with his new best friend and lied next to her.

Then, the moment Nacer dreaded the most sadly came. Five hours after returning from the park, the pooch seemed down and very tired. Nacer knew it was his time to go. “You could tell that he had enjoyed the day but he was done, it was time and he knew it.” She said. Nacer called a vet who specializes in at-home euthanasia to help Hippo move on painlessly. The vet cooked him a roasted chicken with sedatives. “He gobbled it, then fell asleep,” the compassionate girl said. “He passed very peacefully.”

While it’s unfortunate that we can’t bring you a fairy tale happy ending, the knowledge that he had the best few days he could have hoped for, is somewhat consoling. Thank you Sophiane Nacer for making Hippo feel worthy of love.

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