This Little Girl and Her Pitbull Have The Most Charming Relationship

Kids seem to bond with dogs easily, which might explain why nothing comes quite as close to the bond we had with our first dogs. This charming little girl and her pitbull have the most adorable relationship and already melted more than 106K hearts on Instagram.

This charming little girl and her pitbull have the most adorable relationship and already melted more than 106K hearts on Instagram.

There are countless reasons for raising your kids around dogs. Canines are just as curious as kids, they give children a sense of protection, and make the perfect companions for any adventure. Dogs and kids are simply a match made in heaven.

One young girl named Scarley and her Pitbull, Lebowski, have the closest bond and the most charming relationship we’ve seen in a very long while. You don’t have to take our word for it, just ask any of their 106K faithful followers on Instagram.

Scarley’s mom initially started the Instagram page to help fight the many negative stereotypes surrounding Pitbulls as a breed. It only takes a short glimpse at the heart-melting Instagram page, to show just what good friends these two are, and that Lebowski makes the sweetest and most gentle companion. 

But one video made us break down in tears. It truly captures what growing up with a canine companion is all about. The little girl dedicated the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” to her Pitbull friend, and although she’s slightly off-key, the video truly captures their close-knit and unique bond. 

Watch the little girl’s heart-melting song in the video below:

Share the story and video of Scarley and Lebowski’s story and video with your friends to brighten their weekend. Let’s all help fight all the misconceptions surrounding Pitbulls. There’s no such thing as a bad dog, it always comes down to having bad owners!

Stay up to date with the two’s latest adventure by following their Instagram page!

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