Gigantic Dog Rescued After Hiking Too Long

Meet Floyd, a 190-pound massive dog who made its rounds on social media after being rescued by a professional team.


When rescuers were contacted Sunday night regarding a giant dog in need, they rushed into action. Sadly, Floyd was too exhausted to continue hiking to the point that we couldn’t move on.

It was on a trail near Grandeur Peak that the 3-year-old dog went on a hide with his owner and desperately needed a rescue team. After hiking about two miles in, the dog owner and Floyd were seen by hikers who called officials for help.

The area of Utah mountains isn’t an easy place to hike in general and with a massive dog in particular.


When the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team arrived at the scene, they were impressed by Floyd’s manners and cooperation.


Here’s the video of the enormous dog’s rescue:

We are happy for the adorable king-size dog and his owner that Floyd was rescued by the dedicated team.

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