Giant Sea Lion Waited Patiently In Line at the Fish Market

The polite sea lion has realized that getting fish at the market is much easier than hunting.

It was another regular day at the fish market ‘til a very special guest decided to check out what the market has to offer. This huge sea lion has figured out the meaning of life. Haunting in nature is for young sea lions, he realized that going to the fish market to get some food is the perfect way to do it.

Nature Heaven

Once he got there, he was impressed by all the options he had. He knew that arrived in a sea lion paradise. However, despite all of the tempting options, he waited patiently to get his meal. He didn’t push or jump all over the tables, just waited for his turn to get some delicious fresh fish.

Nature Heaven

After the marine guest received his first fish, it was so delicious and simple to get,  he just had to stay for one more. Although he didn’t know whether he’d be lucky enough to get more yummy fish, he decided to wait patiently, and guess what? The generous employee appreciated his fine manners and rewarded him with one more.

Nature Heaven

The lucky sea lion eventually had to go back to his life under the sea, but not before people took pictures and videos of the special visitor.

So, we are lucky to watch the adorable video:

It is known that sea lions sometimes steal fish  or bait from the fish market. Therefore, we were really impressed by his manners-  it shouldn’t be taken for granted that wildlife is better behaved than some humans.

This incredible video just goes to show that if a sea lion can wait patiently and politely, so can everyone else.

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