German Shepherds Confused When He Hears A Girl Crying For The First Time

As a result of tens of thousands of years of selective breeding, dogs evolved to be extremely sensitive to human emotions, making them man’s best friends. The playful German Shepherd in this story is a perfect example of that.

The doggo was playing in the living room with his favorite yellow ball while his mother was passing her time, purposelessly scrolling through Facebook. A video of an adorable young girl crying caught the woman’s eye and instantly transformed the doggo’s face from happy to deeply concerned.

The baffled pooch stares at his laughing mother, and comically drops the ball out of his mouth, being unable to wrap his head around what’s so funny. He tries to get a closer look and then steps back again for some more hilarious head tilting.

The other dogs in the room don’t seem to be equally fascinated by the girl’s crying, but we’re sure that they are just as compassionate as the adorable German Shepherd.

Watch the amusing moment here:

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