German Shepherd Hilariously Fails His Service Dog Test For Being Too Enthusiastic

Ryker is definitely one of those canines who are excited about every little thing in life! Unfortunately, this kind-hearted pooch is currently working very hard to become a service dog, and it looks like the job isn’t a perfect fit at all.

The sweet German Shepherd from Louisville, Kentucky, has participated in service dog training for a while now at the Double H Canine Training Academy. 

Although Ryker is trying his best, it’s evident that he’ll need a lot more practice to become an adequate service dog, mainly due to his best quality – his enthusiasm. 

The staff at the academy thought that Ryker’s training sessions are quite hilarious, so they’ve posted a video of one of his sessions and it rapidly became viral for all the right reasons.

The pooch is required to multitask various scenarios at the same time but it seems as his enthusiasm stands in his way! Finger crossed that he will manage to calm down and pass the test.

The amusing results make all the trainers laugh all day, but they were worried about the German Shepherd’s progress and knew that he won’t be able to properly work that way.

While the dog helps a person in a wheelchair, the staff tries to challenge him and throws a ball at him. But the pooch can’t help himself and leave the wheelchair to catch the ball.

On a different occasion, while trying to open the fridge, the energetic pooch made the entire fridge fall onto the ground!

We’d like to thank the staff at the academy for posting such a comical video. From what it looks like, Ryker might not become an eligible service dog, but one thing is for sure – everyone around him loves him very much, and cheer on for his success.

Watch the hilarious video down below:

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