German Shepherd Finds His Destiny – Helping Orphaned Fawns

Just like humans, when dogs are assigned to help those in need, they often find hidden strengths and excel. Sarge, the 9-year-old German Shepherd in our next story, is a great example of that.

Cheryl Stephen

Sarge was the undoubted king of the house until his mother, Cheryl, brought an orphaned fawn she found lying on the side of the road on her way home. The pooch instantly showed interest in the unusual guest, and followed him around the house, herding him away from danger. From that moment forward, Sarge was the fawn’s guardian.

Cheryl Stephen

The orphaned fawn, who was later named Buckwheat, didn’t seem scared of the canine and happily accepted his help and guidance. As the baby fawn learned to use his shaky legs, Sarge was happy to tutor him and walk beside him, keeping him from wandering off into the woods.

By the time Buckwheat was released back into the wild, the rumor of Sarge’s exceptional rehabilitation skills already reached everyone in the area. Sarge’s mom Cheryl was the go-to person anytime someone stumbled upon an injured or orphaned deer.

Cheryl Stephen

Every time the woman brought a new fawn into the house “it was like Christmas morning” for the pooch. Sarge would jump up to sniff and examine the fawns to determine their condition.

Unfortunately, the losses influenced the pooch equally. Every time a young fawn wouldn’t make it, Sarge will spend days grieving the lost soul. On some occasions, the pooch even lied on the fawn’s graves for hours, refusing to leave them alone and come inside.

Cheryl Stephen

Judging by Sarge’s Instagram account, the pooch has given many fawns a loving paw.

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