German Shepherd Cries With Joy When Finally Reunited With Owner After Months Apart

Almost nothing in the world comes close to the love a dog has for its owners. This next video shows just that by capturing the moment a German Shepherd cries tears of joy when he’s finally reunited with his owner, after spending several months apart.

The tear-jerking moment was (luckily) caught on camera, and in the words of one of the commenters on YouTube: “If this doesn’t put a smile on your face then I don’t know what will.”

Since it has been uploaded to Ramble Viral’s channel on YouTube, the heartwarming video that captures the moment the doggo cries when reunited with its owner gathered a staggering number of more than 16 million(!) views.

The video starts by showing the mother of the German Shepherd, who’s called Freya, letting the doggo outside. The dog is unaware of the fact that the person she’s been longing to reunite with, is waiting for her just around the corner. It was her dad that returned from a couple of months-long business trips.

After a few seconds of complete shock, Freya bursts into a squeaky cry of joy. She just can’t believe her eyes, and certainly can’t contain what she’s feeling right now. She wags her tail and runs around her dad in circles, before collapsing into his arms. These several seconds truly capture what people and dogs mean for one another. For a few seconds, Freya was undoubtedly the happiest dog on earth.

One commenter jokingly wrote: “My dog is like this if I come back from a 20 minute trip from the store.” And another added: “I swear someone put all the love in the world inside a dog, why they like humans though is beyond me.”

Be sure not to miss the tear-jerking moment in the video below:

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