Gardener Discovered A Chubby Groundhog Munching Away On His Veggies

When Jeff Permar’s fruits started to disappear from his garden in Delaware mysteriously, he couldn’t help but get upset.

The one thing that the gardener was sure of that it was a thief in action but the question of who was the sneaky individual remained. With his vast experience, Permar had never witnessed anything like that.

He was determined to catch the thief in action, so he set up a camera that would record his garden area, hoping to spot the shady trespasser. 

But once he discovered who was the sneaky creature he was hooked.

The fruits were stolen once again, and the upset gardener went over the footage. He didn’t expect to see a sweet fluffy groundhog eating his vegetables in the most adorable way. 

The gardener immediately forgot all his anger and was completely captivated by the animal’s charm.

He didn’t mind anymore that the uninvited chubby animal munched away on his garden, vice versa, he looked forward to seeing it again.

Permar knew that the world would also be captivated by the furry visitor, so he created a YouTube page, especially for the charming groundhog that gone viral. 

The property owner can’t get enough of the wildlife that comes to have something to eat and leave. Permar enjoys having it around and reviewing the unique footage.

Most avid gardeners would have tried to find a way to prevent the wildlife from munching away on their veggies, but this one is compassionate and thoughtful.

Thank you Permar for sharing your veggies with hungry wildlife and sharing the adorable footages with the world!

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