From Stray Ill Kitten To Grown Beautiful Cat

Being a stray kitten in the street with no guidance and help can be sad and exhausting. This hapless little kitten wandered around the neighborhood without being able to open his eyes. The ginger feline stumbled into a house that changed his life for good.

When Carmen Weinberg, the founder of Animal Friends Project was contacted regarding a tiny kitten with his eyes closed, she knew she was going to rescue him. The compassionate woman from Delray Beach, Florida, is known for her hard work in saving animals’ lives. 

She received a call about the poor kitten who needed urgent medical care after a woman found the feline crying outside of her house.

It seemed like the kitten suffered from a skin disease, it looked like he had a hard shell covering his body, and his eyes were closed (but wait and see how beautiful he is today).

When Carmen arrived at the scene, she was heartbroken to see the little furball so ill. It seemed like the kitten knew that Carmen was going to save him for he immediately came near her and meowed. The poor feline cried for help, he couldn’t even fend for himself since his eyes were crusted shut.

The rescuer gave the ginger kitten some food, and he scarfed it down as he hadn’t eaten for days. Carmen used the moment to pull the plate into the car so she could trap him. 

She named the furball Simba and brought him to her house so she could take care of him. Carmen gave him the medical attention he needed, and in the course of a few days, his “hard shell” started to come off, and he began to feel much better.

Then he was taken to the vets’ clinic in Jupiter, Florida to be vaccinated and tested by Dr. Maria Lowry at Chasewood Animal Hospital. He got a medicated bath, and it didn’t take long till he could open his eyes again.

It took some time, but he was flourishing into a healthy, grown cat. His beautiful face was finally revealed after the skin disease passed.

Despite everything he had been through he became a friendly and affectionate cat who loves to be petted and snuggle with people.

The little feline was happy to finally see and being taken care of.

These days Simba spends his time in foster care but he is ready to find his forever home. For more information about Simba please contact Animal Friends Project on its Facebook page.

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