From A Dark Birdcage To A Loving Home

The ginger feline, Holly Peppermint, was held in inhumane conditions. From being caged in a tiny outdoor birdcage to being covered with fleas, she had a horrible life. Luckily, the evil people who abused her gave her food and water, which was the only thing that kept her alive.

Furry Nation Salvation

Furry Nation Salvation of Florida rushed into action as soon as they heard about the miserable cat. When they arrived, they were shocked by the terrible condition she was held in. They went above and beyond to break the cage and free the hapless ginger beauty. She was finally free, after being caged without being able to walk for who knows how long. 

The incredible rescuers took her in and provided her the care she needed.

The fleas caused Holly Peppermint loss of hair since the itchiness made her scratch herself. They found out that she had two sorts of infections; bladder and skin infections, so she received the treatment she needed. 

Finally, she received some shots and was spayed.

Furry Nation Salvation

It’s inspiring to see the resilience of the cat, despite the horrific life she has been through, she’s still friendly to everybody, she’s joyful and appreciates every waking moment. The little ginger loves to be cuddled and petted.

Holly Peppermint is still a bit scarred from the traumatic life she had. She doesn’t feel comfortable walking long distances for she’s used to her tiny birdcage.

Furry Nation Salvation

A senior couple has heard about the rescued cat and started to think about adopting her. It didn’t take long till they finally decided to add her to their beautiful family. Since she didn’t have a name, they named her Holly Peppermint.

Furry Nation Salvation

The hapless cat who was caged with fleas outdoors is now living a happy life with her 10-year-old cat sibling and her beautiful elderly parents who love her unconditionally. 

Thank you dear family and rescuers for making the world a better place!

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