Friendly Seal Pup Waves And Pose For The Camera On A Sunny Day

Is there something cuter than adorable pups doing silly things? Well, this British pup definitely has manners. When he saw a photographer taking pictures of him, he decided to give him an adorable gesture.


You can see in the snaps a baby seal lie down, chill out on a sunny day, and pose for the camera. We bet the Queen gave him some waving tips because he is doing it just perfectly, isn’t he?


When he realized that the photographer, Johan Siggeson, was taking pictures, he decided to graciously pose for the camera on and wave for it as well. It was on Horsey Beach, Norfolk, where seal sighting is common.

The snaps of the podgy pup have spread like wildfire on social media, giving a dose of animal humor to the whole world.


“It was an amazing experience to spend time with these seals. We had some horrible weather the first days with rain, hail and wind,” said the talented photographer.

Joking aside, yes, seals are adorable, but many people think that approaching and feeding them is harmless, while people should be aware that they can be deadly. And so Friends of Horsey Seals advises the public to enjoy them from a distance.

You are advised to stay at least ten meters away from the adorable mammal and note that coming between a baby seal and its mom may cause the mother to abandon her pup. 

If you have your beloved canine with you, keep it on a leash and close to you. Dogs can be easily intrigued by the interesting creature and try to chase and scare it into the water, while many people don’t know that seal pups’ coats aren’t waterproof at that stage.

The Friends of Horsey Seals Facebook group says that 2,274 pups have been born during this season on Horsey Beach, and the beach is now home to 1,090 pup seals and 735 adults.

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