Friendly Koala Climbs Boy’s Arm and Refuses to Let Go

Wild animals tend to be cautious when it comes to humans since we are unfamiliar and loud creatures that can pose a threat and when there are offsprings around they get even more protective.

Furthermore, hunters don’t make the tension between man and nature easier as they increase the distance and make it harder to gain the wild animals’ trust.

But every now and then, there’s a curious animal who feels comfortable to get near us and this specific koala did an unlikely thing that warmed the internet’s heart.

Koalas are usually very prudent creatures, making this scenario a wonder! As the young boy reached over a delicious leaf, the koala approached the kid and climbed up his arm!

Since baby animals can feel insecure at times, they usually stay by their mothers but the youngster felt the need to climb up the new thing he sees – a human’s arm.

The unlikely interaction was recorded on video by an Australian woman named Meagan Pfitzner. The sweet woman was hiking with her son when they came across a female koala and her baby  having fun in the sun and drinking some water from a creek.

Meagan’s son is an avid animal lover, so he really wanted to try and interact with the furry family. He headed towards them and offered them an Eucalyptus leaf. Shortly, the young koala felt comfortable to climb on the kid’s arm as he was completely shocked! Magen was utterly touched by the heartwarming moment and pulled out the camera.

When the human family had to continue their hike,  the boy tried to return the baby koala to his mom but for some reason the baby animal refused to let go of its new human companion.

Eventually, the two parted ways in hopes they will meet once again.

Watch the endearing moment in the video below!

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