French Bulldog Volunteers At Schools As Therapy Dog And The Kids Adore Her

Meet Lily, a two-year-old therapy dog who dedicates her spare time doing a special thing.

Students at Millville Senior High and Memorial High School have a unique volunteer who makes their school days much better.

Lassa Holland 17, poses with Lily, the therapy dog at Millville Senior High School

Millville Senior High and Memorial High School’s Principal, Stephanie DeRose, had a lightbulb moment that would make the atmosphere at her school more calming and inviting. 

She decided to bring Lily, her therapy dog, to work so she could assist students.

The two-year-old French Bulldog was adopted about two years ago, and in the course of a few weeks, she started her obedience training and later became a certified therapy dog.

Lily lives with her mom and her 11-year-old brother. She went through Alliance Therapy Dog training and has recently started volunteering at a retirement home in Ocean City. On weekdays the therapy dog goes around the high schools’ hallways greeting students and brings joy into the room.


The friendly doggo even got a yearbook photo of her, and she likes attending class meetings.


Lily was taught many various skills in order to make school experience for kids the best possible. Being petted by many people and get lots of attention can be intense at times, and it takes patience and tolerance to uphold the challenge. 

Lily showers the students that might be struggling with love and affection, which helps them pass the school day on a better note.

Special Education classes are one of her favorite places. Emotional disturbed students and students with developmental disabilities adore her and find lots of comfort in her presence. The counselor calls her when a student is upset so she could calm them down.

The change Lily has made among the students by visiting only once a week is remarkable. Every time the pooch comes, she helps about 3 to five students, and she also assists new students in adjusting to the new environment.

As Lily roams around the halls, she helps teachers too. The four-legged volunteer is a real morale booster, and some of them like spending their free time interacting with the therapy animal.

DeRose asks students to calm themselves down so they won’t scare Lily, which makes them behave themselves and more thoughtful.


Lily has inspired her family, students, and teachers to be more understanding and kind. Thank you, dear Lily.

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