French Bulldog Realizes His Favorite Dog Park Is Closed And Bursts Out Crying

Dog parks are definitely one of the favorite places for dogs. When Walter Geoffrey’s favorite dog park was closed for maintenance, he was completely devastated and wasn’t afraid to show it.

His owner was surprised by the pooch’s reaction and captured the hilarious moment. Sיe knew his Instagram followers would enjoy the video as much as she did, and so he posted it on Instagram alongside a caption: “You better find me another option ASAP, Bish.”

Walter, an Instagram sensation,  is seen in the video devastated by the situation, bursting out crying and whining from the back seat. The hilarious sound of his howls is sidesplitting; it seems like he is actually speaking and expressing his frustration.

The hilarious video has amassed over 90K likes, and he generally has more than 700K followers on his Instagram account.

His owner told him, “Look, we can go ahead and call the manager or we can go on Yelp, because you are definitely a five-star dog living in this two-star world, and it’s not fair.”

Apparently, Walter is a dog who speaks his mind, and he shows how frustrated he is by the injustice of it. After his mom assured him it would be OK, he agreed to leave the place and stretch his legs in another place.

Here’s the hilarious video:

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