French Bulldog Bursting In Excitement From Meeting Police Horse

They say that the best cure for loneliness is a dog, and it’s true. People who live with dogs are never alone. These magnificent creatures are always happy to be around their owners and attract new friends at any given opportunity. This adorable French Bulldog could not contain her own happiness upon meeting a police horse for the very first time, and it’s adorable.

While on a stroll on the streets of New York with her beloved owner, this Bulldog stumbled upon an unusual creature. It was an NYPD police horse on duty. While police horses are usually trained to distance themselves from humans, no one seemed to train this one to stay away from sweet doggos.

Little by little, the adorable pooch pulled his leash closer to the police horse. They bumped noses, and the pooch even gave the horsie a little kiss, before jumping around himself adorably. The two clearly needed a playmate that day, and gladly they’ve found each other.

Watch the adorable moment the French Bulldog enjoys meeting a horse for the first time here:

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