Fourteen-Year-Old Cat Gets Second Chance In Life

A senior 14-year-old cat, called Molly, had been living her life with an owner that had to give her back to the shelter for health issues prevented her keep Molly.

Animal Rescue League of Boston provided Molly a friendly environment in which she could wait patiently for her forever home. Molly didn’t understand why she had to move in a cage after living all her life in a caring home.

The loyal cat and her human mom had a special bond, they were undivided. But sadly, there are times, in which life has something else planned for us.

As the ARLB took Molly in, they realized the elderly cat had kidney disease signs. She spent every day waiting for her mom to come, but no one seemed to arrive.

After long two months of hoping to get out of the encloser and find a forever home, a guardian angel entered the room. Olivia C. drove hours to get to the shelter. She was looking to adopt a senior cat for she believed that no elderly cat should spend its last year locked in a cage.

Once she met Molly, she knew it was love at first sight. As she walked in the shelter, she saw Molly taking a nap. When the senior kitten noticed Olivia, she hopped down the highest shelf to say hello.

Molly started to snuggle on her new two-legged companion, she wasn’t shy at all. Molly’s medical condition didn’t stop Olivia from wanting to have her. It was as if they were meant for each other.

Molly looking at her new mom on the way home:

As soon as they got home, Molly looked for a cozy spot to call her own and guess what, she chose her owner’s bed. 

The adorable duo shares the same bed ever since and even has some cuddling time.

Olivia is so happy that she found Molly. They are now best friends and inseparable. 

“Human, attention, please.”

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