Foster Kitten With Unique Markings And Her Sister Make An Unbelievable Recovery

Recovery stories never cease to amaze us. It’s unbelievable how an animal goes from being on the verge of death to a loving pet with endless love to return. A foster kitten with unique markings was recently found roaming the streets, malnourished, and covered in dirt along with her sister. The two made such an incredible recovery in such a short time that they’re completely unrecognizable after only two weeks.

A good samaritan noticed the kitten and her brother in such a poor condition that she contacted Wrenn Rescues immediately and stayed with the two until help arrived.

A volunteer at the rescue organization, Ashley Kelley, saw the two when they were brought in, and instantly fell in love with them. She brought them home with her to foster until they find a loving forever home. The eldest kitten, who she named Auntie Whispers, had unique markings on her face that she said resembled a Rorschach test.

Despite their terrible condition, the two kitties were determined to bounce back and recover. After tube feeding them for a few days, the two quickly gained a healthy appetite and grew a cute little tummy. And as the two grew bigger in size, they also grew into a feisty little duo.

Auntie Whispers and her sister Lorna spend every waking hour cuddled together, either for sleeping or fighting. Kelley had to teach the two how to play with toys, as they never saw or had any.

But the two aren’t out of the woods just yet – they’re still physically small and weak for their age and have a lot more growing to do. We hope that the two adorable felines will find their forever home, hopefully together, fast. It’s just incredible how far they went in just a couple of weeks!

Watch the feisty duo in action in the video below:

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