Former President’s Service Dog Sworn In With The Navy

Generally speaking, dogs have plenty of different roles when it comes to serving society. There are therapy dogs, service dogs, herding dogs, bee dogs, police dogs and even acting dogs. But our friend right over here is a special one.

Meet Sully H.W. Bush a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever who dedicates life to assisting and helping wounded veterans. Sully was George H.W. Bush’s service dog. After the former president passed away, the dedicated service dog was photographed besides Bush’s casket wearing his service vest.

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But his job didn’t stop there, he has found a new calling. Last February, he was sworn in as a facility dog at a Military Center and soon he started his new job with the U.S. Navy at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he’ll cheer wounded veterans up.

Sully H.W. Bush join the #WRBFacilityDogs team!

In case you missed the welcome ceremony for Sully with our friends at USO-Metro yesterday. Skip to 17:00 to watch Sully join the stage and thank you for all the love and attention from the community.

Posted by Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sully is soon going to proudly wear his military vest that represents the medical center.

The brave dog’s personalized oath:

“Do you affirm – or pant – as a hospital corpsman in the United States Navy that you will support, comfort, and cure warriors and their families, active duty and retired? That you embrace our staff and bear unconditional love and solace, especially on busy days? That you take this obligation freely, without any promise of treats or tummy rubs and that you will faithfully discharge the duties to provide joy, love and nurturing for our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and sailors and their families?”

Sully is unbelievably talented, he was trained to be a therapy dog, service dog and guide dog by incredible America’s VetDogs. Sully can do some amazing things such as answering phones, turning lights off/on, opening doors, pulling off items and plenty of other impressive things.

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