Flower That Looks Like A Bird Took Over The Internet

Is it real?

Nature has so much to offer, it’s complicated and beautiful. Nature is stronger than us and sometimes even smarter than us. It keeps surprising us no matter where we go. From camouflage animals to complex ecosystems, nature always teaches us something new.

Reddit user named OctopusPrime came across a fascinating flower that looks like a hummingbird! He took a picture of the mysterious flower and shared it in NatureIsF**kingLit subreddit. The user said: “Check out these flowers that look like tiny hummingbirds!” it didn’t take long ‘till it got viral.

🔥 Check out these flowers that look like tiny hummingbirds! from r/NatureIsFuckingLit

People went nuts. Within the course of one day, over 47.5k upvoted it and almost 400 people commented! Some people were questioning whether it was fabricated but some tried to figure out what was the story behind the picture. Fortunately, someone knew exactly what it was all about.

So here’s some information about the secret flower called Crotalaria Cunninghammi. According to Wikipedia, “Crotalaria cunninghamii, also known as green birdflower or regal birdflower, is a plant of the legume family Fabaceae. It is native to, and widespread in, inland northern Australia. It is named after early 19th century botanist Allan Cunningham. It is a coloniser of unstable sand dunes, along beaches and in Mulga communities. It is pollinated by large bees and by honeyeaters.”

It also treats eye infections

“The sap from the leaves was used by Aboriginal people to treat eye infections” as it’s written in Wikipedia

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