Fisherman Saves The Life Of A Seagull After 15 Years Of Friendship

Wild animals and humans rarely form real and deep bonds, especially like this next one. After being close companions for over 15 years, this fisherman saves the life of a seagull that followed his boat around The Gulf of Maine.

John Makowsky  Is The Fisherman That Saves The Life )Of A Seagull He Knew For 15 Years

When describing the unusual bond he formed with the seagull to CBS News, Captain John Makowsky said: ‘She comes right up to the window and looking at me this far away, just staring at me.’ 

The Fisherman Saves The Life Of His Seagull Friend

The fisherman was first visited on his boat in 2015, and the seagull, who he named Redeye kept visiting him every time he went out to sea ever since. It seems that birds can also be man’s best friends.

Recently Captain Makowsky noticed that the little birdie was suffering from an injury in her leg. He knew that his gull-friend didn’t have a very good chance to survive out in the wild like this. This left Makowsky emotionally crushed.

Happily, the captain wasn’t going to give up on his loyal friend just like that. After catching Redeye, Makowsky brought her to The Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine to be examined. The staff at the center nursed the injured birdie back to full health and reunited her with her savior – Captain Makowsky, who gave her some Brown Hake, her favorite type of fish.

A few weeks later the captain had the honor of releasing his loyal companion back into the wild, but she seemed to enjoy hanging out on his boat, as usual. Since captains traditionally believed that seagulls were the lost souls of sailors, Makowsky speculates that Redeye may be the soul of one of his ancestors – as he’s a fourth-generation fisherman.

Watch CBS’ news report of how the fisherman saves the life of his seagull friend here:

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