Finally! No More Puppy Mills – Maryland Passes a Law Against Animal Cruelty

Puppy mills are cruel facilities, which breed dogs and kitties only for-profit purposes. The pets suffer from awful living conditions and usually end up getting physically and emotionally hurt before they’re transferred to pet stores.

These poor animals are helpless and can’t speak for themselves. Fortunately, Maryland has decided to step up for them and give them a voice!  

In a courageous act, Maryland’s Governor has managed to fight the inhumane plight by passing a new law, which is about to put a stop to this malice.

Governor Larry Hogan happily approved the H.B 1662 or the “No More Puppy and Kitten Mills Act” of 2018. It presents some strict guidelines for breeders, which they must follow, in order to legally sell pets to stores for profit. Pet stores cannot acquire any pets from breeders that don’t meet the criteria.

The Governor stresses how important it is to speak for the ones who can’t speak for themselves. That’s what politics should really be all about.

Backlash Strikes But Justice For Pups Prevails

While animal-lovers everywhere are excited to read the good news, others started to protest against it; practically accusing them of being wrongful.

Three pet stores actually joined together in an alliance against the law, and are in the process of suing Maryland’s Attorney General.

It’s quite upsetting, considering that only 7 stores in entire Maryland are affected by the law itself. In other words, it’s pretty easy to establish a way to acquire pets that haven’t been mistreated, and this law is a call for them to do the same. 

Moreover, many breeders are voicing their concerns, and complain that the new regulations could make it impossible for them to stay in business, let alone make ends meet.

There are two sides to every coin. However, this one is a no brainer, and the law seems to agree. The government believes that the new requirements are quite average, bearing in mind that they’ll substantially improve pets’ living conditions immensely in the future. 

The law states that pet stores may only attain pets from breeders, which have met the specific criteria the stature has ordered. Furthermore, they could acquire pets from animal control and animal welfare organization. That’s quite an array of establishments.

Some of the new guidelines require that breeders must own a current license from the USDA Animal Welfare Act, which guarantees that they’re upholding their side of the law. They must supply pet store owners with information about the pet’s breed, age, and date of birth. 

From now on, pet store owners will also have to post this information, along with the organization from which they’ve acquired the pet in the first place.

Although it’s a slightly painful transformation, it’s for a worthy cause. Some might sulk now, but many pets will start out their lives better and will end up in a forever home happy, without post-trauma. 

Those animals can’t speak for themselves, so we must do it for them. The more we’ll raise our voices, the better chance they’ll enjoy a life worth living.

SHARE this story with a friend or a family member. Let’s hope that more states will approve the stature soon, so all of our pets will have a better chance of enjoying a joyful and healthy life.

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