Feeding Birds? You Might Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Watching stunning birds peacefully fly around your backyard is definitely a sight to behold, especially nowadays with everything that’s going on. Some people, go the extra mile and install a bird feeder in their yard to make it more appealing to the tiny critters. However, those people who are feeding the birds might actually be doing more harm than good.

As a result of the high sugar content, the nectar that’s commonly used in bird feeders is highly prone to develop mold and mildew faster than greased lightning. To add to that, hummingbirds, who are highly susceptible to any kind of food contamination, are the breed that’s most commonly fed with these feeders.

To make sure that the birds in your yard remain happy and healthy, be sure to clean it regularly, this means at least once every two weeks. If you notice any discoloring of the nectar, remove the feeder from your yard immediately. Throw away the discolored nectar, take the feeder apart and THOROUGHLY clean each and every piece with hot water. Consider using a scrub brush to adequately clean the hard-to-reach corners. If you are using soap, make sure that you only use a small amount, and that there’s no residue when you put the feeder back together, for this as well, might harm the tiny sensitive creatures. You should only add the new nectar after double-checking that the feeder is completely dry and clean.

Now you can enjoy watching the tiny critters fly around your yard, knowing that they’re safe and sound. After all, nothing can bring more peace and relaxation to your home, especially at these uncertain times, than watching these magnificent beings play around your yard.

Share this with anyone who’s feeding birds, to make sure they’re not accidentally doing any harm to these wonderful creatures.

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