FedEx Mailmen Hand-Delivers A Lost Dog Back To His Home

Last week, a FedEx mailman went above and beyond to deliver an unusual 61-pound package to the door of the Menzies family in Castle Pines, Colorado.

The Menzies’ were getting some repair work done on their house while they were out of town. When their contractor took off to have his launch break, the door was suddenly blown open by the wind. Catcher, the family’s 3-year-old Golden Retriever, couldn’t resist the rare opportunity to explore the world on his own. The cheeky pooch ran out of the house and ventured dangerously close to a nearby main street. Thankfully, a caring FedEx mailman spotted naughty Catcher before turned dangerous.

Lisa Menzies, Catcher’s owner, assumes that the mailman must have seen the pooch wandering around the neighborhood, and delivered him to the address that’s listed on his tag.

Luckily for us, the family’s doorbell camera caught the moment of heroism. The video shows the driver stepping out of his van holding the fluffy package, and delivering him safely to the Menzies’ home, locking the door behind him.

Lisa is grateful for the mailman’s act of heroism: “He interrupted his day and his package delivery schedule to pick her up and hand-carry her into our home and lock the door behind him. I don’t want to think about where else she could have ended up.” She later told Fox News.

Lisa later expressed her gratitude on Twitter, calling the mailman their “family’s hero”. Despite her efforts to reach out to him, she has yet to discover the driver’s identity.

Watch this heartwarming report from Fox News here:

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