Fawn Found Curled Up Next To An Unknown Soldier’s Headstone

Last week James Taylor, A maintenance supervisor at Andersonville National Cemetery in Georgia, found a fawn curled up next to a headstone of an unknown soldier. The man snapped a photo of the heartwarming moment and uploaded it to social media. The picture quickly went viral, being shared more than 3,100 times with hundreds of heartwarming comments.

Established in 1865, Andersonville National Cemetery is home to the National Prisoner of War Museum and is still being used today. The historic site started as one of the confederacy’s prisons before becoming a military cemetery.

The park uploaded the photo of the fawn curled next to the headstone to their Facebook page. Their post reads: “Today Park Maintenance Supervisor James Taylor spotted this young guest cozying up and giving special honor to an unknown soldier resting in Andersonville  National Cemetery. Later in the day, several staff saw the doe come back for her young.”

One commenter wrote:  “I just read fawns aren’t strong when they are newly born and mom will leave them in a safe place while she is feeding and will come back for them.” This is a much bigger concern than you think. Fox News recently addressed this issue and cited The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. They wrote: “Finding a young animal alone does not mean it’s been abandoned or needs to be rescued. Adults are often nearby and visit their young only occasionally to avoid detection from predators.” Keep that in mind next time you see a baby fawn on his own. His mother might be watching him from just around the corner.

Please share this heartwarming story to honor the memory of our fallen soldiers, and to remind people that not every fawn they see on his own is abandoned. They might want to help but end up doing more harm than good!

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