Father Lion Crunches Down To Meet His Baby For The First Time

Lions usually spend most of their time sleeping, growling, and feasting on food that lionesses hunt for them and at times even attack their youngsters. That’s why it was surprising to see a full-grown male lion gently interacting with his baby. The staff at the Denver Zoo couldn’t believe it when they witnessed the unique relationship forming. They couldn’t help but recording a heartwarming video of the two, and posting it on Facebook. It went viral within minutes.

The sweet baby lion was born at the zoo and spent most of his time around his loving mommy. The staff wanted to see what would happen when he’d first meet his daddy and recorded it on video.

Since his first meet with daddy, the cub has been spending a lot of time with him, his mom, and his half-sister. Nowadays, he spends most of his time away from the public eye because he is still so tiny and needs time to grow and be stronger. Once he is strong enough, he’ll be able to show his playful nature to everyone.

The cub’s parents, Neliah and Tobias adore him and cares for him incredibly.

Although the staff usually name the animals, the sweet pup still doesn’t have a name of his own. The zoo decided to ask the public to come up with the perfect name, and everyone in Denver is excited to see which name will be picked. 

The choices are Meru (a mountain in Tanzania), Moremi (a game reserve in Botswana), or Tatu (Swahili word for the number three), because this cub is the couple’s third baby.

We hope that the sweet cub will lead a happy life with his forever family at the Denver Zoo.

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