Father In Brazil Invites Stray Dogs To Sunday Service To Find Them Homes

Unfortunately, countless stray dogs are fending for themselves on the streets of Brazil. Waking up every morning with a hungry tummy isn’t easy. Happily the strays of Gravatá, Brazil are welcomed by Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes to the church at Paróquia de Sant’Ana Gravatá every Sunday hoping to find a forever family.

The kind-hearted Father opens the door for homeless dogs and invites them to become a part of his service in hopes someone will fall in love with them and take them home forever.

The church is where people come together and get spiritual. But many people aren’t aware of the incredible creation that God has given us- dogs. They love us more than they love themselves; they bring joy into our lives, lower stress, and make us more active. The church is the perfect place to find your furry companion that will comfort you when you’re blue.

Father João Paulo aims to keep as many dogs as he can away from the dangerous street and maybe even finding them a forever home. Not only dogs benefit from their stay at the church, but they also bring the people positive energy and comfort.

The Father ensures that the canine guests are the center of attention and get a deserved spot, which includes them in the heart of the gathering.

The four-legged pals are always down for some cuddling and attention, but their favorite place is by their rescuer, Father João Paulo, where they love approaching him for pets.

The Father posted on Facebook, “They will always be able to enter, sleep, eat, drink their water and find shelter and protection, for this house is of God and they are of God.”

The inspiring animal activist encourages his community to adopt a canine companion and raise awareness regarding stray dogs.

The stray dog situation in Brazil is severe, and many dogs desperately need medical attention and spend their days looking for shelter. The Father is there to provide them with a temporary home and food.

He increases their chances to find a forever family by introducing them to the mass, and gives them the medical treatment they need.

The priest’s efforts to rescuing homeless dogs have decreased the number of strays, and dozens have found forever families. The rescuer adopted three four-legged companions himself, and they even sleep in bed together.

No one could overlook his incredible action after his story was published on Facebook alongside a heartwarming photo of him conducting mass with an adorable stray on his side.

His actions inspired thousands and started a positive wave that has drawn many comments and reactions.

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