Father Captures His Baby Daughter Dancing To His Pooch Playing The Piano

Dogs do all kinds of adorable things, but this one has a special talent that most people don’t even have! 

Buddy Mercury is a rescue dog that also happens to be a musician who won the hearts of many. As his recent video has made its rounds, he became a huge star and has given the world a good dose of doggy humor.

The sweet beagle likes pouring his heart out through his delightful piano skills, and his siblings and parents are so proud of him.

Not long ago, Buddy Mercury’s parents captured the adorable pup doing his thing on the keyboard while his sister dancing to his music, and they right course of action was incredibly clear- sharing it with the whole world!

The video has taken the internet by storm and has caught everyone’s attention. With nearly 4.5 million views, it was flooded with comments and ‘likes.’

Here’s the sensational video:

The talented four-legged musician is named after the iconic Freddie Mercury, the Queen legend. He now has an adorable website that sells his exclusive merchandise and features his best jams. 

Buddy’s owner wrote: “Buddy has captured the hearts of many music fans around the world in a short time. Thank you for all the love and kind words! Buddy loves entertaining his family and fans!”

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