Family Wanted To Adopt A Kitty Playmate For Their Dog, But A Stray Found Them First

Sorin Popa from Romania wanted to get her adorable fluffball puppy, Dante, a feline playmate. She cleared her schedule and planned a trip to the local animal shelter. Little did she know that she didn’t need to do a thing, an adorable fluffy kitty will soon find its way to her.

Sorin was in the midst of moving apartments when her sister called to check on her progress. While chatting, Sorin’s sister mentioned she found a beautiful stray kitten next to a construction site. That was all she had to say. Sorin jumped in her car and rushed to see the kitty. At that point, Soring had nothing in her apartment, not even a bed, but she didn’t want to miss out on the adorable white kitten her sister was talking about.

When she first saw the cat, Sorin immediately knew that he is a perfect match for Dente. She brought the kitty home with her and named her Abyzou (or Aby). The kitten was neglected, dirty and smelled like trash, so Sorin carefully cleaned the furbaby and took her to the vet.

Now Aby was finally ready to be introduced to her brother. When the two first met they were a bit suspicious and avoided getting too close to one another. It was as if Aby wasn’t sure what she thought of that “funny looking cat.”

But it only took one day for the two to break the ice. Sorin filled Dente’s water bowl and Aby ran straight across the room and began drinking from it. She taught the pooch how to drink from a bowl.

From that moment forward the two became inseparable best friends. Dente copies everything Aby does and follows her wherever she goes – When Aby licks Sorin Dente does the same when Aby sits on her lap he tries to join in, he imitates every move she makes.

The two love to spend every waking moment together chasing each other around the house and planning their next mischief.

When they get tired from running around the two like to chill on the balcony in the sun and enjoy the view.

But more than anything else they love their human mother Sorin and enjoy sitting and staring at her for hours.

You can stay updated with the adventures of the two partners in crime on Instagram.

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