Family Surprise Boy At School With His Lost Dog

You don’t have to believe in divine intervention to realize that this next story is nothing short of a miracle. This family was left devastated after they’ve lost their dog, but while they didn’t realize it, they were in for one heck of a surprise, especially their eldest boy.

The Licata family is absolutely in love with their adorable little 2-year-old pug, Piper. He’s been an inseparable part of their family ever since they adopted him when he was just a little pup. Sadly though, a couple of weeks ago it seemed that their time with Piper came to an early end.

 Piper wanted to go to the bathroom and sat next to the Licata family’s front door, waiting to be let outside. April, the mother of the family, opened the door and the doggo ran outside, just like she had done countless times before. When April came back to open the door to let Piper back in, he was sadly nowhere to be found.

The hours went by with no sign of Piper and the Licata’s we’re starting to get worried for their beloved pooch. They hung posters all over town, posted Piper’s pictures on every social media platform on the face of this planet, and begged authorities for help. Sadly, all their efforts were in vain, and it seemed that the Licata’s will never see their beloved doggo ever again.

Piper’s absence also took a toll on their health. The eldest son, Carter, who had a unique bond with Piper became sick and was very depressed. Piper was his everything and he didn’t know how he can move on without her.

 Then, a month or so after he went missing, the Licata family got the phone call they’ve been dreaming of. The Genesee County Animal Shelter contacted the family after a dog that matched Piper’s description arrived at the shelter. That’s all the Licata’s needed to hear in order to cancel their plans and rush down to the shelter, to see if the dog is indeed Piper.

They were over the moon with joy when they finally got to the shelter. Piper was just as delighted to see them and showered them with kisses and tail wags. He was finally home!

The only one who didn’t know about the reunion was Carter, who was out of town on a school trip. The boy didn’t know it yet, but he was in for one heck of a surprise when he was to return from the trip and reunite with his long lost dog.

The much-anticipated moment finally arrived, and Carter’s reaction was sure worth waiting for.

Don’t miss the moment the boy is reunited with his dog here:

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H/T – The Dodo

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