A Family Of Moose Spent A Whole Day In This Lucky Man’s Backyard

With pretty much the entire world having some kind of mobility limitations due to COVID-19, a growing number of people are spending a lot more time at home than ever before. For many, it is an opportunity to get to know their neighbors better, human, and nonhuman. This lucky man captured a few incredible photos of a family of moose, who came to spend a day in the sun in his backyard.

The man, called Roland Rydstrom from Anchorage, Alaska, posted the pictures on Facebook. Rydstrom jokingly wrote: “The view outside my Covid home office is better than yours today,” which is probably true for most of us. The family consisted of one adult moose with his two adorable baby calves. The trio enjoyed their day, lying in the warm sun next to the man’s flower pots. This soon proved itself as being quite the problem.

Unintentionally, of course, one of the baby calves knocked over a few of the man’s flower pots. Thankfully, after the “sociopathic, marigold-hating baby moose,” cleared the scene, the man was able to restore the pots to their original form.

While this sight might appear unique to most of us, for the residents of Anchorage, it’s quite a common one. “It’s very, very common to see moose in our backyard as it is on the normal ‘loop’ for the moose who hang out in our neighborhood.” Rydstrom wrote in his post.

Rydstrom doesn’t really have the right to complain. After all, the view he gets from his kitchen window is way better than that of the vast majority of the world.

Do you love these pictures of the family of moose chilling in Rydstrom’s backyard as much as we do? Then share them with your friends and family to brighten their weekend.

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