Family Abandons Their Affectionate Dog For Their House Becomes “Too Full”

Generally speaking, some people do not understand the responsibility of owning a dog. Dogs get emotionally attached to the level of loving their owners more than they love themselves. 

Unfortunately, uneducated people think it’s ok to abandon their dogs after having them for a long time. They find it difficult to understand that dogs are left heartbroken when their families leave them, they want to be with their pack more than anything.

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Stormy was an amazing dog to his family, but for some bad reason, they decided to surround him to a hight-risk-kill shelter. The adorable pit bull was confused; he didn’t understand where did his family go and why weren’t they coming back to take him from that horrible place.

After the shelter’s staff got to know Stormy, they were left confused as well since he was the most loving and friendly dog. The question remained, why would anyone give up on such an incredible dog and put him at a place where he was at high risk to be put down?

Funky Smile

When Stormy’s family was asked what the reason they were doing such thing was, they reasoned that they were expanding their family, and they feared that the house would be “too full.”

Sadly, Stormy was added to the euthanasia list, but someone was there to save his life.

The abandoned pooch was left devastated; he was depressed and heartbroken; his life was changed within a day; from being a loving family dog, he became a caged shelter dog. Since Stormy was sorrowful and didn’t show affection to potential adopters, it was hard to get him out of there.

When it was Stormy’s turn to be put down, guardian angels walked in just a few moments before it was too late. The compassionate Eleventh Hour Rescue’s volunteers took him out of that horrible place. As you can see in the video below, Stormy was so happy to be out of that place. 

The rescuers took him home and made him a nice bed, he was so happy he could barely calm himself down.  and found him a caring foster family. 

It didn’t take long till someone fell in love with the friendly doggo and now he lives in his forever home that would never give up on him.

Funky Smile

Thank you Eleventh Hour Rescue for saving the adorable dog’s life.

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